Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Personal injury claims and lawsuits arise when people are injured by the careless or intentional acts of others, or are injured by products that are defective in some way. When the determination is made that someone is legally responsible for injuring someone else through careless or intentional acts or defective products, the liable party may be made to pay compensatory damages.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one to careless, reckless, or negligent behavior could justify a wrongful death case. It is important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible to determine if there is a case. Wrongful death cases can be complex and in the greater Washington DC area including Virginia and Maryland part of your claim can include compensation for emotional and financial injuries suffered.

Automobile Accidents

Injuries resulting from car accidents can be severe and life altering. We represent victims of automobile accidents caused by defective automobiles, trucks and their parts. Parts and items such as defective seatbelts, tires, gas tanks or flying debris on the road can play an important role in a automobile accident case.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents can be life altering and life threatening. You can suffer injuries to the head, neck and back, have spinal cord damage, broken limbs and even lose a limb. At Mesirow & Associates, we can make sure your insurance company pays for treatment related to injuries and any pain and suffering related to your losses.

Pedestrian Accidents

A pedestrian gets killed in a traffic accident about every 2 hours in the United States (according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or “NHTSA”). That is over 4700 traffic fatalities for pedestrians a year. In Washington DC, pedestrian accident fatalities are 20% higher than anywhere else in the country.

Premises Security – Crime Victims

When it is reasonably unlikely for a property to have a violent crime occur on premises, premises liability law holds property owners, managers or both responsible when measures could have been taken to prevent a crime. If you believe a property owner’s negligence led to a violent crime against you or someone you love in the greater Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia region talk to the experienced attorneys at Mesirow & Associates today.

Civil Litigation

In addition to the firm's personal injury practice, we have served as local counsel to a number of large firms needing guidance in courts throughout Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia. These firms appreciate our expertise and responsiveness. We rapidly turn around any local counsel assignments, keep lead counsel informed as to any developments in the case, smoothly obtain the special or pro hac vice admission of lead counsel, and answer counsel's questions promptly. The firm is comfortable litigating in the region's federal or state-level courts.

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John, I just got back from abroad and I wanted to drop you a note thanking you for your work on my case. I’m totally satisfied with your work and I wouldn’t hesitate to give your name to anyone in a similar situation. Take care. Thanks. Ned Mitchell, Washington, DC bicycle accident victim
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