Interactive PIP / MedPay Chart - Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia

In our practice we are often asked whether a person can collect Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”), or Medical Payments/Medical Expense (“MedPay”) benefits. Because the answer depends on a number of variables, determining if there is no-fault coverage can lead to quite the headache if you aren’t familiar with the applicable statutes. To try and make the analysis more user-friendly, we created a database allowing you to enter general information about your crash and the database will list the potential sources of PIP or MedPay benefits, along with links to the applicable statutes.

Just use the buttons below to enter the facts of your case, and then see the available benefits and the relevant statutes in the box below.

I was hurt while:
Walking or riding a bike
Riding in a car
Driving a car
I have car insurance
I don't have car insurance
I am a resident of:
I was hit in:
I was hit by a:
Maryland Driver
Washington D.C. Driver
Virginia Driver
PIP benefits are available through the striking vehicle's policy. PIP benefits are available through the claimant's policy, unless they have been waived.

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