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S 18-1. “Bicycle” defined.

For the purposes of this subtitle, a bicycle is defined as a mechanical device, propelled by human power and having 2 tandem wheels.

(City Code, 1966, art. 31, S11; 1976/83, art. 31, S10.) (Ord. 58-1352; Ord. 69-469.)

S 18-2. Removing, etc., identification number.

It is unlawful for any person, willfully or maliciously, to remove, destroy, mutilate, or alter the number on any bicycle frame or sprocket.

(City Code, 1966, art. 31, S18; 1976/83, art. 31, S11.) (Ord. 58-1352; Ord. 69-469.)

S 18-3. Rules and regulations.

The Police Department of Baltimore City is authorized and empowered, by reasonable rules and regulations not inconsistent with the provisions of this subtitle, to provide for its administration and enforcement.

(City Code, 1966, art. 31, S21; 1976/83, art. 31, S12.) (Ord. 58-1352.)

S 18-4. Impounding bicycles.

(a) Holding period.

A bicycle which is impounded and possessed by the Police Department under the provisions of law shall be held by the Department for at least 45 days during which time efforts shall be made to locate the owner thereof.

(b) Subsequent disposition.

  1. At any time following the end of such period, and if the owner cannot be located or ascertained, the Department is authorized and empowered to dispose of the bicycle.
  2. The bicycle may be:
    1. given to any charitable, nonprofit, or eleemosynary agency or institution in Baltimore City; or
    2. in the discretion of the Department, disposed of at a public sale, at least 3 days’ notice of which shall have been given to the public.
  3. In the latter event, the proceeds of the sale shall be paid into the special fund constituted by S 16-19 of the Public Local Laws of Baltimore City.

(City Code, 1966, art. 31, S22; 1976/83, art. 31, S13.) (Ord. 58-1352; Ord. 69-469; Ord. 76-011.)

S 18-5. Night riding.

It is unlawful for any person to propel a bicycle upon any of the streets, lanes, alleys, or public ways of this City at night, unless it is provided with a head lamp and with a rear lamp or reflector.

(City Code, 1966, art. 31, S23; 1976/83, art. 31, S14.) (Ord. 58-1352.)

S 18-6. Coasting; trick riding.

It is unlawful for any person riding a bicycle on any of the streets, lanes, alleys, or public ways of this City:

  1. to coast by inertia or momentum without having both feet on the pedals;
  2. to ride without at least 1 hand firmly gripping the handlebars;
  3. to perform any trick or fancy riding; or
  4. to ride in any manner so as not to have the bicycle under control.

(City Code, 1966, art. 31, S24; 1976/83, art. 31, S15.) (Ord. 58-1352.)

S 18-7. 2 riders prohibited.

It is unlawful for more persons than 1 to be on a bicycle simultaneously while it is in motion on any of the streets, lanes, alleys, or public ways of this City.

(City Code, 1966, art. 31, S25; 1976/83, art. 31, S16.) (Ord. 58-1352.)

S 18-8. Riding on sidewalk.

(a) Riding prohibited.

It is unlawful for any person to ride a bicycle on any sidewalk or footway of this City.

(b) Walking, standing permitted.

However, when dismounted and on foot, a person may:

(1) lead the bicycle on a sidewalk or footway in a manner that does not obstruct the sidewalk or footway; and

(2) allow the bicycle to remain standing on the sidewalk or footway in a manner that does not obstruct the sidewalk or footway.

(c) Enforcement by citation.

(1) In addition to any other civil or criminal remedy or enforcement procedure, this section may be enforced by issuance of a civil citation under City Code Article 1, Subtitle 41 {“Civil Citations”}.

(2) The issuance of a civil citation to enforce this section does not preclude pursuing any other civil or criminal remedy or enforcement action authorized by law.

(City Code, 1966, art. 31, S26; 1976/83, art. 31, S17.) (Ord. 58-1352; Ord. 04-683.)

S 18-9. {Reserved}

S 18-10. Penalties.

(a) Violation of S 18-2.

Any person violating S 18-2 {“Removing, etc., identification number”} of this subtitle shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than $100 or imprisoned for not more than 3 months, or both fined and imprisoned, in the discretion of the court.

(b) Violation of other sections.

Any person violating any other provision of this subtitle shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined a sum not exceeding $10 for each such offense.

(c) Juvenile offenders.

The laws relating to control and punishment of persons under 16 years of age shall apply, in all respects, to a violation of this subtitle by any such person.

(City Code, 1966, art. 31, S27; 1976/83, art. 31, S18.) (Ord. 58-1352; Ord. 69-469.)

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