Wear a Helmet Because You Just Might Save Your Life in a DC Bicycle Accident

DC Bicycle AccidentIndividuals across the District of Columbia love riding their bikes to get extra health benefits, enjoy the outdoors and avoid some of the vehicle traffic common throughout DC’s roadways.

It’s important, however, to make sure that you always have the appropriate safety gear so that you can minimize your chances of a severe injury in the event of an accident. Being thrown from your bicycle or having any kind of collision with a vehicle could lead to catastrophic injuries.

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The Problem With Slang in Deposition and Trial Testimony

Trial TestimonyIt goes without saying that in order to be effective, testimony from a witness needs to be precise. The entire purpose of deposition or trial testimony is to get the facts from a witness as clearly as possible to help the jury or judge understand the information that they are providing.

An entire case can turn on whether the witness is clear and understandable. Consequently, phrases like “a lot” or “sometimes” are grating to a lawyer’s ears, because they are open to so many conflicting interpretations.

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I Have Full Coverage! I’m All Set, Right? Well … Not So Much

Full Coverage InsuranceHaving been a personal injury for 19 years, I can’t tell you how many times I have explained various insurance coverages to clients and heard in reply: “I had no idea!” or “My agent never told me anything about that!” With the hope that you will never have to say anything like this (because you’ll be in the know), I’m going to share something that is obvious to anyone dealing with insurance every day, but would almost never occur to the general public.

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